What do you want to be when you grow up?

Whether they're from the city or the village, the kids have dreams! The answer to the question "What do you want to be when you're big?" is given the same emotion of every child, regardless of the environment in which he lives. The difference but the road to get what they want! is in

About bullying

School should be a safe environment for children. The years spent in school are important in their development and will be reflected in the lives of adults. It's years of experimenting with acceptance, empathy, linking long-term friends. At the same time, I cope with the negative emotions, such as fear, rejection or shame. The latter are natural, until

Guess the emotion!

On Thursday we started the journey into the world of emotions through activities and games that emphasize the child's potential to recognize emotions, depending on facial features. "Guess the emotion" gave the children the opportunity to interpret the emotions and recognize them. As for the joy created by the game, we let you discover in the pictures!

I want to be understood

As promised in the previous post, we have returned with news related to our project, dedicated to the development of the emotional intelligence of children. On Thursday we met with the sixth graders, at the first session of the many to follow until the end of the semester. We've been introduced, talked about what we're going to do together in the next period.

Start "I want to be understood"

To raise adults able to solve their problems, children need to know and understand themselves and those around them. Thus, starting tomorrow, you can follow us in the activities within the project "I want to be understood" what will happen with the children of the sixth grade. Stay close!

Christmas Fair

We expect you at the Romexpo Christmas Fair, Pavilion C1, with the decorations of recycled materials made by the children of Secondary School No. 1, Plataresti! Close funds will contribute to the purchase of suitable school furniture.