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The association together increases builds values and supports the education of children from disadvantaged families, with a precarious material situation, through their proximity to education, the bridge to a better future. Thus, we have devised projects based on:
* Development and application of methods of integration of poor and excluded students
* Collaboration with specialists (support teachers, psychologists, social workers) in schools with pupils from disadvantaged families
* Extracurricular activities through which children can be mobilized, for the formation of moral values (various educational services, formal)
* Granting of social scholarships and merit scholarships for continuation of studies and lowering of school dropout rate
* School orientation and vocational before ninth grade
* Attractive learning environment (building libraries, redecorating classes and acquiring suitable mobile study, didactic materials, workspaces and study)
* Positive methods and models towards education
* Encouraging children to follow school courses

If you believe that it is in the power of each of us to change their future and ours through education, then help us build a society based on values.

Any donation is important!

How can you do that?

Using our PAY PAL account through the Donate button on the site, or directly to the bank account of the association together we increase values

Account en 02 RNCB 0746 1087 2757 0001 branch BCR Grivita
Tax Registration Code: 25372077


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